EUC Building Tour

EUC Building Tour

In this tour, we will show you the building of Erasmus University College using AR (Augmented Reality). Throughout the tour, you will find 6 spots consisting of quizzes, video, and pictures which will tell you more about Erasmus University Challenge! Your last spot (6) is hidden and you will have to find it using the clues and hints left on the other spots. When you find the hidden spot, you have a chance of winning an incredible price. Simply text Gezani (+316 81 92 91 47) the answers to all 4 questions and tell the organisation where the hidden spot is to participate and win. I wish you good luck and have fun!

Step into the Erasmus University Challenge

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What is an AR tour?

An AR (Augmented Reality) tour is a type of interactive experience that combines real-world elements with digitial content using AR technology. This can be experienced through a smartphone or other device with a camera and an AR-enabled app. During an AR tour, users can point their device at specific objects or locations in the physical world and see additional digital information or visual elements superimposed on top of the real-world view through the device's screen.

Via your own phone

Simply download the Wintor app and go on a tour using you own phone.

At your own pace

Want to grab a drink while doing the tour? No problem!

Have fun

An AR tour is a lot of fun; there are exciting things to be discovered.


Bring your surrounds to life using models videos and virtual guides.

Go and discover

The AR tour will help you guide to specific locations